Falling Out Of The Air

TIL they animated a "falling out of the air" animation for monsters that do not fly. That’s adorable. It's like a looney tunes cartoon where they walk on air after going off a cliff before falling down. I’ve seen it in World plenty of times, didn’t think it was in GU too.

 · MEXICO: MAN CLINGS TO ROPE AFTER FALLING FROM HOT AIR a man was left dangling from a rope hundreds of meters in the air after tumbling out .

This cross bar serves two purposes, 1. to keep the ac unit from falling out of the window, and 2. to hold the rod rails for the side flaps. I almost never install the ac unit side flaps. Instead i install the top rail bar as pictured below, and i use pillows wrapped in plastic bags to stuff into the void on each side.

 · A dreamlike movie with a modern-day nightmare, Air Conditioner, written and directed by Fradique, begins with a radio news broadcast that alerts the public of a spate of air conditioners falling.

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton, it is all his fault ?t=30 Helicopter rotors and wires never make good friends, they always enter into very.

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  1.  · 30, feet, 9, meters, 9 kilometers or miles — so far, only one person has ever survived a free fall from that height. Would you be as lucky? On Janu.

  2.  · The terrorist organization’s takeover began on Sunday after Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and the U.S. Embassy began to evacuate its personnel. Residents Scramble Into Plane To Leave Afghanistan — Punch Newspapers (@MobilePunch) Aug.

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